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I've tried to be polite and remaining apolitical, and I've had enough.

tumblr ouretompHM1rnyx0ko1 540 by KGBigelow
This is a pendant that I have worn every day for twenty years. It saw the deaths of my mother and father, my house raided by police, the birth of my daughter and my battle with ovarian cancer.
To know that white supremacist pig fuckers have taken mjolnir and made it a symbol of their twisted cause fills me with unfathomable rage.
They do not deserve Thor’s endorsement. Thor is the friend of ALL mankind. And Mjolnir is a god weapon with the power to slay as well as to build.
Thor is a god of merchants and fearless people who go into the world and drink deeply of it’s riches and take exotic partners. People who rule no one and work for everyone. People who speak like poets and mourn like heroes. People that would rather die on their feet than live on their knees.
Anyone who thinks that they are inherently better than everyone else is a pathetic and weak little bitch and they should be laughed at and ridiculed at every opportunity for being so insufferably selfish. There is no magical hierarchy of importance in the universe and there never was.  People who suffer from this kind of delusion should never be allowed near children, let alone be allowed to become lawmakers.

Don't get me wrong, I never liked Donald Trump.  As far as I'm concerned, he's a fat disgusting suit and he forced his way into my life as an authoritative figure.  If I was just being a spiteful cunt and he was actually good at his job I could let it go.  But this motherfucker is going to get us all killed.
There has been an upward trend of hate crimes since Donald Trump's election and it finally came to a head when a white supremacist tried to force his beliefs on others with violence, ending a life and injuring more than a dozen others, which by definition is terrorism.  But our president refuses to call it terrorism because he 'doesn't have all the facts'.  This is the first time in the history of everything that Donald Trump is choosing to keep his mouth shut until he has all the facts.  It's obvious where this man stands and I for one refuse to give him any ground.  I love my country too much to let these people keep raping it.
  • Listening to: MIND KILLING METAL
  • Reading: a lot of stupid bullshit
  • Watching: snuff films and cartoon pornography
  • Playing: none of your goddamned business
  • Drinking: boiling hot garbage water
Yellow Oni
Waaayyyy too long in the making. Experimented with a few rendering techniques on this one. Also took a lot of inspiration from that scene on robocop where the bad guy gets toxic waste dumped all over him.
The much anticipated is now live!  Our goal is to make science fun and accessible to most mature kids and immature adults of all walks of life.
But we need more content ... so it's literally bare bone :V
So if you guys have any spare time check it out and feel free to join our new community!  As a member, you can submit any science news or science humor cartoons or ideas for science humor cartoons.
...more to come
Spent the better part of a month or two not drawing at all for reasons i can't entirely explain.  thought I could just throw myself back into work after chemo, but instead fell into a really deep depression.  don't know why, probably because they took my ovaries and I'm menopausal now on top of having a history of depressive episodes, who knows.
Anyway, I woke up feeling normal today, so hopefully it'll stay that way for a while and I build myself back up again.
  • Listening to: MIND KILLING METAL
  • Reading: a lot of stupid bullshit
  • Watching: snuff films and cartoon pornography
  • Playing: none of your goddamned business
  • Drinking: boiling hot garbage water
Barebone lectures process
more work for  i decided to make this one a step by step because it came together so quickly which is unusual for me


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